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As a seasoned Realtor since 2006 and a current resident of Toronto, I am a huge advocate of the our marvellous city.

We are a team of hard working Real Estate Professionals with diverse education and work experience, that work together utilizing our individual strengths and skills towards one focus - our clients’ best interests.



We are Realtors who effectively exceed our clients expectations and consistently deliver record breaking results. We believe that our results derive from five fundamental elements information, preparation; effective marketing; tactful negotiation; and diligent client care


We believe that every one of our clients deserve to be well educated and prepared. Throughout the sales cycle, we provide honest advice, accurate information and the highest level representation from a skilled negotiator, who is both knowledgeable and experienced in real estate.


We are Realtors who are dedicated to helping each of our clients achieve their dreams and goals. Whether it is selling their home for top dollar, buying their dream home, building their wealth through capital gains and rental income in the marvellous city we call Toronto.

I’ve worked with Marlon four times and my experience with him and his team just got better each time! His drive to constantly improve and his commitment to his clients is inspiring and evident in his success and the results he brings to the table.
— Johnny, Toronto
Marlon truly worked hard to make us happy – he really cares about us.
Marlon’s team members are also fantastic realtors. Knowledgeable, quick to respond and professional, Marlon knows how to pick his team.
— Samantha, Mississauga

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As a seasoned Realtor working in the GTA since 2006, and a current resident Toronto, I am a huge advocate of our vibrant city.

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As a seasoned Realtor since 2006 and a current resident of Toronto, I am a huge advocate of the our marvellous city . 

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